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A person buys 1.000 Reales

Assume for this example that each Reales cost $1.00 USD

• $350 USD, goes toward buying physical silver.
• $100 USD, goes toward buying physical gold.
• $200 USD, goes toward buying Bitcoin.
• $200 USD, goes toward buying prospective ICO’s and Alt-coins.

This equals to

35% of Physical Silver

10% of Physical Gold

20% of Bitcoin

20% of ICO’s and Alt-coins

All the precious metals investment are stored in various high security facilities around the world

Never put all your eggs in one basket, right?

Third party auditors will visit the facilities three times a year to verify the holding, and will post the holdings in terms of ounces.

This will enable full transparency in regard to the amounts of gold and silver backing the Reales Coin

Bitcoin and other Alt-coins are to be stored in highly secure environments, with public information on these coins posted on the Reales Coin website. This will allow holders to always know the current value of the Reales basket of cryptocurrencies.

There will be full transparency on display for our holders. By comparing these values with the current market rates, they will have a clear idea of how much Reales is worth, along with information on where to buy and sell Reales tokens. This transparency and ready value calculation can significantly reduce volatility.


  • Creation of Reales Hall of Decisions where people using the Reales Token (RLS) can vote and submit proposals regarding future of Reales Coin. Having an Inclusive space never seen before.

    May 2018

  • Ongoing Developments of the Reales Project

    2018 and forward

  • Concept Creation

    Early May 2017

  • Reales Coin Team Formed

    June 2017

  • Smart Contract Testing

    July 2017

  • Website User interface and Payment Platform

    August 2017

  • Website Launch

    November 2017

  • Stress Testing of smart contract

    Early December 2017

  • Smart Contract Deployment and Token Sale

    January 10th 2018

  • Token Sale Closes

    March 8th 2018

  • Acquisition of assets (physical gold and silver Bitcoin and Altcoins)

    March 2018

  • Creation of Reales Hall of Elite ICO’s and the “COMET” investment Tracker

    April 2018



Lukas Zapata


Lukas has been a successful entrepreneur with more than seven years of experience managing projects while growing his company from one person to a team of over 20 employees. He is the head of Reales, responsible for planning, decision-making and strategics that will bring great growth to the Reales Coin project. Moving from Canada to Estonia he made the first step in this grandiose adventure, creating a solid business registered in the European Union allowing to access many world markets that will benefit every holder of this innovative and unique crypto-currency.

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Jãir Villacorta


Jair is our master in graphic design and marketing, with more than six yeas of experience, his knowledge in the two worlds allow him to always delivered content with great visual appealing and massive response. He has been the head of many distinguished design agencies in Latin America. His passion about his job, prepare him to continually improved himself to strive and help growth the awareness of the Reales coin project.

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Daniel Restrepo


Daniel is our talented UX and UI designer with a wide range of knowledge and skills in HTML. CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Wordpress theme developer and many more. Having all this experience merge together he has created great solutions for big corporations, the most recent one: An online integration for easy financing e-commerce applications implemented world-wide.

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Aleksandar Popovic


Aleksandar has been an expert in the ICO field, with more than six years of experience as a blockchain developer, he has gain great knowledge in this emerging world of cryptocurrencies by helping build many ICO’s from the first steps . His wide range of skills goes from database and software engineer to smart contracts on the Ethereum platform with languages like solidity, MetaMask and Remix.

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The information published on this website is not a public offer of Reales. The responsibility for the decisions you make based on the information published on this website is yours. You have no right and should not purchase REALES tokens (pre-launch) in case you are a citizen, resident (tax or else) or green card holder of the United States of America, Canada, Singapore, China, Vietnam, Bolivia, Ecuador, Venezuela (and other countries where the action of buying tokens is consider illegal) or if you represent these countries somehow else